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quotage_icons's Journal

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< Buffy/Angel Quotes Icon Challenge >
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Hello and welcome to Quotage Icons!

Every Sunday night (after voting ends), a quote from either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel will be posted.
Create an icon based around that quote.
The catch is that, the icon must not center around from where the quote was originally from;
Eg, if Buffy's quote from 'Bring On The Night' was posted 'We just became an army', you can't base your icon around that scene, you would have to choose a different episode/scene from either Buffy or Angel.

1) Only one entry, per person, per week.
2) The quote that is supplied *must* appear on the icon somewhere.
3) Animations are allowed.
4) Actor/Actress icons, eg James Marsters, will not be accepted, please only base your icons around scenes from Buffy or Angel.
5) Icons must fit to LJ standards ie. under 40k, max 100x100 and gif, jpg or png

Submiting Your Icons:
- All entries must be submitted by Friday pm (GMT)
- Post your entries as comments to the specific post (where the quote is posted)
- Comments will be screened
- You must include your URL and icon in your submission

- Voting will take place on Saturday and Sunday (until 5pm - GMT)
- The main winning catagories are 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and mods choice

- biteable_icons
- angel_stillness
- just__buffy
- _smiletime_
- jossicontest
- icbuffy
- lit_icons
- chosen_icontest
- josschallenge
- piper_stillness
- jossverseawards
- justveronica
- elite_three
- purr_pleh
- ultimate_lims
- i_heart_joss
- isayweparty
- areweoncomms
- icon_crack
- aesthetic_blend
- aesthetic_notes
- slayer_still
- chosenhellmouth
- just__buffy
- heroinesanon
- silver_icontest
- rome_icontest

Created by: crimson_iris
Run by: cake_ordeath and paigegail

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