cake_ordeath (cake_ordeath) wrote in quotage_icons,

The quote for this week is Olaf from Triangle (btvs series 5)

"What are you fighting for, minuscule blonde one? Your friends? These two? They will never last. Anyanka is very difficult to live with, and he... he's ludicrous and far too breakable. Their love will never last."

You all know what to do - base your icons from any scene from Buffy and Angel as long as it *isnt* from the "Triangle" scene.

Remember - you dont have to use all of the quote - just what you feel will fit best with your icon :) Only ONE entry per person!

We've had so few entries lately that this week I'm going to provide a suggestion cap, which you can use or get inspiration from (hint: episode :P) but by all means find your own caps if you prefer.

Good luck everyone.

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